Access Device Fraud In Pennsylvania

Have you or someone you know been charged with Access Device Fraud in Pennsylvania? The charge of Access Device Fraud in Pennsylvania can have very serious consequences that can include up to seven years in prison and thousands in fines. At the minimum, you face up to two years in jail.

In Pennsylvania, it is illegal to use an access device to obtain, or try to obtain, another person’s money, property or services without their permission. Access devices include: Credit cards; Debit cards; any card with an account number printed on it. Then attempting or using the access device if it is issued to another person, counterfeit, canceled, revoked, altered, or incomplete.

Access Device Fraud includes publishing, making, selling, giving, or advertising an access device while knowing it is counterfeit, altered, issued to someone else, or otherwise not authorized for the user you are presenting it to.

The amount of money/value of the items purchases determines the severity of the offense. From a misdemeanor of the second degree all the way up to a felony of the third degree.

If the item is less than $50.00 the theft is a misdemeanor of the second degree. If the item is more than $50.00 but no more than $500.00 it is a misdemeanor of the first degree. If the item is worth more than $500.00 it is a felony of the third degree

If you are charged with Access Device Fraud in Pennsylvania, do not talk to the police or prosecutors without an attorney. What you say will be taken out of context and used against you. If the police try to question you, exercise your sixth Amendment and tell them you want a lawyer. Do not consent to any searches of your house, computer, or phones without a proper warrant.

Once you have retained a competent Criminal Defense Attorney they will review all of the allegations being made by the police and prosecutors, including any evidence that they claim to have. Your attorney should gather the evidence or witnesses to show if you are innocent and/or just made an honest mistake, such as just using the wrong card or purchases the wrong item.

It is extremely important to contact an experienced law firm right away if you or someone you know is facing criminal charges in Pennsylvania. If you, your son, daughter, or loved one in Pennsylvania has been arrested for a crime in state or federal court in Pennsylvania you need legal representation. Here at Manchester and Associates, we represent people across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. For a free consultation, we can be contacted at 1-800-243-4878.

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