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Pennsylvania Criminal & DUI Defense Law Firm

The criminal defense law firm of Manchester & Associates defends criminal cases throughout the State of Pennsylvania. At Manchester and Associates, we understand when people find themselves accused or charged with a crime, they have numerous questions about the PA judicial system. We also understand how people can feel stressed or anxious and even depressed when criminal legal situations occur.

Commitment | Quick Response | Knowledge

Why do our clients choose us? For our Commitment, Quick Response, and Knowledge!

The experienced PA criminal lawyers at Manchester and Associates are committed to vigorously defending you. We will respond quickly to answer your initial questions and will continue to keep you informed as the case progresses. Our knowledge of the Pennsylvania Criminal Law and real world experience earned from representing thousands of people charged with criminal offenses will help reduce any anxiety, stress and depression you may experience. Our criminal defense attorneys defend clients with a wide variety of criminal law cases and DUI defense cases.

We Are Available 24/7

At Manchester and Associates, we believe in personal relationships and personal contact with our clients. Our clients will never have to deal with an answering service. Once your case comes across our desk, our lawyers will make a personal phone call to you to talk about your needs. After your strategy session they will always be available to you by their own phones day or night. The lawyers and staff at Manchester and Associates are always available to you 24/7. We understand that being charged with a crime does not just happen between the hours of 9 to 5 and that a lot of arrests occur when its dark out, and on the weekends, that is why our office phones are always forwarded to our lawyers cell phones and are answered by them personally.

Our Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyers represent clients throughout the State of Pennsylvania. We aggressively defend criminal cases in Federal Court and Pennsylvania State Court.

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges or a DUI in Pennsylvania, now is the time to contact a criminal defense attorney or DUI lawyer.

Nothing good will come of wasting time about this serious business. The possible consequences are not good, jail time, heavy fines, a lifetime criminal record, loss of a driver’s license due to DUI, and the list goes on.

We Represent Clients Charged With State And Federal Crimes Throughout Pennsylvania

We are not going to give you a guarantee, but hiring a criminal defense lawyer or DUI attorney if you have a charge hanging over your head is your only choice. An experienced PA defense attorney can help turn very big problems into smaller ones. What a skilled criminal/DUI defense lawyer can do for you.

  • Use the law to have charges dismissed or reduced.
  • Put you in a position of strength by finding and exploiting weaknesses in the government’s case.
  • Finding and exploiting flaws and weaknesses in the government’s forensic evidence such as drug testing, blood testing, DNA testing.
  • Always staying on top of the criminal law and creating new legal defenses to the charges against you.
  • Negotiate favorable pleas that can lead to probation or greatly reduced jail sentences.
  • Investigate cases before charges are filed which may result in no charges being filed as well as gathering evidence or witnesses that can be lost if too much time passes before criminal charges are filed
  • Our lawyers are aggressive and tough criminal defense attorneys. We take our obligations to our clients very seriously. We fight to win the best possible outcome with the least disruption to your future.

There are no guarantees in criminal law but our track record speaks for itself. Our firm has defended over 5,000 clients. We know the law. We know how to negotiate with the prosecution. We understand the complexities of the legal system. And we will work tirelessly for you.

Client Testimonials

  • "Brian is an excellent lawyer. He was able to have my 3rd offense DWI reduced to a 1st offense. I was facing up to 6 months in jail and he was able to negotiate 5 days. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a..."
  • "My husband died in a car accident. DUI was assumed from the very beginning . With Attorney Manchester's expertise in the DUI field and BAC testing, he was able to help prove to the insurance company that my husband..."
  • "I hired Manchester and Associates to represent me on my second DUI arrest. Mr. Manchester's associate Greg Davidson attended the preliminary hearing and pointed out to the DA that the stop was illegal. The DA withdrew..."
  • "I ran into a great deal of trouble up in Huntingdon County. He helped me get a plea bargain that avoided my having to register as a sex offender and I am additionally able to keep my job while avoiding a jail sentence. He..."
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What Law Enforcement Says about Brian Manchester

You Have Questions? Our Top Rated Defense Attorneys Have Answers

Individuals accused or charged with a PA criminal offense or DUI usually have a lot of questions regarding Pennsylvania criminal law, the Pennsylvania judicial process, and the various types of crimes. Below are just a few of the most common questions that we have been asked:

Areas of Practice

Our highly experienced attorneys have worked in thousands of combined cases in various practice areas. A few of our major practice areas are outlined below:


It is our pledge to you that we have the legal and scientific knowledge plus the trial skills necessary to put you in the best position to get the best outcome possible in your case. Don't take any chances! Contact us today. Fill out the form on this page and send it to us immediately.

Strategy Session 24 Hours a Day - Seven Days a Week With an Experienced DUI & Criminal Attorney

To better answer your specific questions contact a lawyer 24 hours a day for a strategy session, if you have been arrested or face criminal charges of any type anywhere in Pennsylvania.

Call Us Anytime Our Dedicated Criminal & DUI Attorneys Are Ready to Fight For Your Rights and Protect Your Future.

We practice throughout the state of Pennsylvania

We defend criminal cases and DUI cases in the following
Pennsylvania (PA) cities, towns, and universities:

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