New Changes Coming To The Occupational Limited Licenses Law In Pennsylvania

How The Change Will Affect Your Ability To Get One If You Are Convicted Or Already Convicted Of A DUI In Pennsylvania?

Occupational Limited Licenses A Thing Of The Past?

Pennsylvania Occupational Limited Licenses are a special license that individuals can apply for through Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. This license is issued to an individual that had their general license suspended for a period of time. This special license allows that individual to drive and operate a vehicle to go to work.

Pennsylvania Senate bill 290 was signed by Governor Wolf back in 2016. The section in Senate bill 290 dealing with how Occupational Limited Licenses will become effective August 25, 2017. Under the old/current law under 75 PACSA 1553 Occupational Limited License could be issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for almost all instances when an individual’s operating privileges were suspended. Some of the violations that caused a license suspension had waiting periods before they could apply. For example an individual who had their license suspended for a period of 12 months because of a violation for a first time Pennsylvania DUI offense will not be eligible for an Occupational Limited License for a period of 60 days. After which they would have been eligible to apply for the program. Second offense DUIs have a waiting period of 12 months. All of this will change under the new law. On August 25, 2017, Individuals that have their license suspended for a Pennsylvania DUI under sections 75 PACSA 3731 or 75 PACSA 3802 or for a refusal to submit to chemical testing under section 75 PACSA 1547 will no longer be eligible for the Occupational Limited License. These are the vast majority of individuals who are seeking this special license. Individuals charged with other offenses in which there is a license suspension will still be eligible.

Since individuals that have their license suspended for DUI or Refusing to submit to a chemical test will no longer be eligible for an Occupational Limited License, they will have to look for an alternative. Senate bill 290 does offer an alternative under 75 PACSA 1556 Ignition Interlock Limited License. These individuals will have to apply for the special Ignition Interlock Limited License through Pennsylvania Department of Transportation instead of the Occupational Limited License. To learn more about the changes to the Ignition Interlock Limited License in Senate bill 290 see my post on that subject.

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