Huntingdon County Manslaughter Case Successfully Settled

Today in Huntingdon County we successfully resolved a two year old case. Our client was charged with Involuntary Homicide and Negligent Care of an Elderly Person. A conviction on the latter charge would have guaranteed a lengthy state prison sentence. These charges stem from the death of a woman who unexpectedly walked out in the middle of the night from the nursing home our client owned. From day one all of the lawyers at Manchester and Associates working as a team fought the charges. After a thorough investigation of the case and a rejection of a plea that would have put our client in jail we prepared for and was ready for trial. A jury was picked several weeks ago and this morning was to be the first day of trial. Prior to the beginning of trial the DA approached us and our client and made an offer that involved some in home detention and probation. After discussing the case with our attorney who was ready to try the case our client decided to accept this plea offer.

The resolution that came about in this case happened because of our attorney preparation and the knowledge by the District Attorney that this law firm was prepared for trial. This case once again showcases our attorney talents as a trial lawyer. If you have been charged with a violent crime such as involuntary manslaughter, homicide, or assault give us a call. Our team at Manchester and Associates will put the same effort into your case as was put into this one.

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