Are There Any Special DUI Programs In Pennsylvania?


There are special DUI programs in the state of Pennsylvania. If you are a first time offender, you should always consider the ARD program, which is the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program. This program is typically for first offenders, but sometimes individuals can get a second bite of the apple of this program depending on their specific situations. The huge benefit of the ARD programs, as it reflects on DUI offenses, is it can save an individual a lot of the license suspension, it can remove any mandatory jail sentence, and it also allows an individual to have the case dismissed upon completion of the program and expunge from your criminal record, which are some pretty significant benefits and motivators to complete this ARD program.

Some of the other DUI specific programs that people should look into is the DUI court program. This program, if the county has it that you are charged in, is part of a treatment based program where they try to figure out the root causes of the problem and can give you the treatment you need. The DUI court programs are for individuals who have multiple DUI offenses and they are deemed in need of treatment for rehabilitative purposes for the underlying program of alcohol and alcoholism. One of the other programs that an individual could look into is known as intermediate punishment. This is some type of alternative to a jail sentence. But if you are facing some type of mandatory minimum with multiple DUI offenses have, it is a possibility where you could enter into an intermediate punishment program where they can eliminate or minimize your jail sentence and you can do some time on possibility of house arrest whereas they may hook you up to what’s known as a BRAM bracelet which can detect alcohol in your system.

Those are a couple of the other types of alternative sentences that you can get through in an intermediate punishment program.

Does It Help Someone To Go Into Rehab?

Rehab never hurts. If you believe you need to go to rehabilitation for alcohol or drugs, do what is best for you. Not only will that help you on a personal level, but it can possibly help you in the criminal realm as well. If you do a rehab that is inpatient where you cannot leave the facility, if you are convicted of a DUI and you are facing some type of incarceration, in the state of Pennsylvania, a judge can count your rehabilitation time in an inpatient facility as much as a day for a day for incarceration. So if you are facing a 30-day jail sentence and you do a 28-day program, the judge could count your 28 days in inpatient for the 30 days jail sentence and you’d only have 2 days left to satisfy that mandatory minimum jail sentence.

The judge does not have to accept that inpatient program as a day for a day, they can do something less, for every 2 days you spent, they will give you one day of credit or they could say none. It’s up to the judge’s discretion to decide how they want to apply that inpatient program to the jail sentence. However, it never hurts to help yourself and it shows the court that you are making efforts to become a better person and not be back in the same situation as you are in front of the court. Therefore, oftentimes, you can present this information to the judge even if it’s not necessarily going to take away jail time, the judge could give some type of lenient sentence in other aspects of the sentencing statute because they are shown that you’ve made an effort to do something to remedy this problem with alcohol.

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