Criminal Use Of Communication Facility In Pennsylvania

Have you or someone you know been charged with having a Criminal use of Communication Facility in Pennsylvania? The charge of Criminal use of Communication Facility in Pennsylvania can have very serious consequences that can include up to seven years in prison and thousands in fines just for a single charge.

This offense is related to any felony connected to drug activity. It is not illegal to use a Communication Facility which is any private or public instrument for the transmission of writing, signals, sounds, data, or the like, of any nature. Basically, any device used to communicate in any form to another person. What is illegal is using these devices to further any type of drug activity.

This offense can also be charged multiple times. The statute allows for the police and District Attorney offices to charge you for every instance where the communication facility is utilized as a separate offense. Thus you can get a lot of these felonies stacked on top of each other very quickly if you are using them over and over again.

One pitfall you must keep on the lookout for is the plea offer that the District Attorney office makes to you. They will on some occasions agree to not prosecute you for Possession With Intent to Deliver which is a felony and reduce it down to a simple possession which can be as low as a misdemeanor. However, they will at times still look to have to also plead to Criminal use of Communication Facility which still gives you a felony. Thus with a felony conviction, a lot of your rights as a citizen of Pennsylvania and the United States will be compromised. Including your gun rights and your right to vote, just to mention a few, in addition to the difficulty finding work and housing with a felony on your record.

As you can see being charged with Criminal use of Communication Facility in Pennsylvania is very serious offense. The results of a conviction will be a felony which could result in spending decades in prison if they stack multiple offenses on top of each other. If the police arrest you Criminal use of Communication Facility it is very important to be polite but remain silent and request to speak with your lawyer right away. Anything you say can and will be used against you. With so much at risk, it is important that you exercise your constitutional rights from the very beginning.

It is extremely important to contact an experienced law firm right away in you or someone you know is charged with Criminal use of Communication Facility in Pennsylvania. If you, your son, daughter, or loved one in Pennsylvania has been arrested for a crime in state or federal court in Pennsylvania you need legal representation. Here at Manchester and Associates, we represent people across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. For a free consultation, we can be contacted at 1-800-243-4878.

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