What Are The Most Common Drug Offenses In Pennsylvania?

Selling and possessing drugs are the most common. However, possession and sale of synthetic drugs, (like Spice, K2, and bath salts) arrests are on the rise in Pennsylvania.

The most common drugs people are arrested for are cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. When it comes to prescription pills people are generally charged with selling their prescriptions, obtaining the prescription drugs illegally, or possessing prescription medication that is not theirs. Drugs such as methamphetamine, LSD, mushrooms, ketamine, and khat are frequently involved in drug charges as well.

What Exactly is Considered a Synthetic Drug?

Drugs like cocaine, marijuana, heroin and morphine, they’re all derived from plants, but if a drug is created by a chemist, it’s considered a synthetic drug. I’m not talking about prescription drugs; I’m talking about non-prescription drugs such as K2, Spice, LSD, steroids, bath salts, designer drugs and others. If you possess them, it’s a misdemeanor, whereas if you sell them or possess a large quantity, it’s a felony. I personally handle a lot of cases involving synthetic drugs because of the scientific based training I have.

I’m the first attorney in the United States to ever get a synthetic marijuana statute declared unconstitutional at the trial court level. That occurred in Pennsylvania. My expert, John W. Huffman, is considered the grandfather of synthetic cannabinoids. He developed many of them about 25 years ago. I handle synthetic drug cases all across the state and I’ve been very successful in defending those cases.

What is Considered Trafficking in Pennsylvania and What Are the Penalties?

Selling or distributing drugs can get you up to 15 depending on the drug. In Pennsylvania, there are currently no mandatory minimums. However, the minimum jail term range still depends on the weight of the drugs or number of pills.

Under What Circumstances Can the Police Execute the Search of An Automobile Without a Warrant?

It’s not difficult given a recent PA Supreme Court decision. The police can search if they smell drugs, or Unfortunately, illegal searches and seizures are too common in drug-related cases.

What are the Penalties for a First Time Drug Offender in Pennsylvania?

The penalty for conviction for a first-timer can range from probation to years in state prison, depending on the charge and the amount of drugs involved. Also, you can go to jail a lot longer if a minor is involved in the case.

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