Why Choose Manchester & Associates?

At Manchester and Associates, our attorneys know that in order to properly defend our clients, there is much much more to it than merely knowing the law.

Citizens and students from all across the state of Pennsylvania hire our firm to defend them for the following reasons:

  1. High respect to clients and personal attention to their case.
  2. Breath of Experience, Education
  3. Skill with Negotiating Plea Agreements.

Respect to Clients & Personal Attention to their Case

Of course we treat our clients with the highest respect and pay close personal attention to their case. We make certain our clients know the status of their case, as well as make sure they understand what is happening as it is our job to educate our clients about the legal process so they can make informed decisions.

All good criminal defense lawyers do that, and ethically, this is what we are required to do. If you just scan the internet for lawyers, you will see some form of statement like this on their website and this is how they try to differentiate themselves from others. This is absolutely not enough! That should be a given and not a marketing line.

If you are looking for a criminal defense firm for yourself or someone close to you, you need more than a law firm that will keep you informed, you need a law firm that is in court every day aggressively representing their clients using not only the law but true and honest science! You need a firm that is on the cutting edge of criminal defense!

You need a law firm that not only shows it is dedicated to learning all aspects of how to properly defend a case, but can actually prove it! At Manchester and Associates we put our money where our mouth is and can document the thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours spent in training courses across the country learning from the best.

Breadth of Experience, Education

Through our court experience and training, our attorneys have acquired an in depth knowledge of Pennsylvania and Federal criminal defense law.

Our attorneys practice in court rooms across the state on a daily basis.

Who are our Attorneys?

Brian Manchester, Esq.

  • Has practiced law since 2000.
  • Lawyer-Scientist (1 of 3 in Pennsylvania.)
  • Co-founder of DUI Defense Lawyer’s Association.
  • National Speaker

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R. Bruce Manchester, Esq.

  • Has practiced law since 1978.
  • Supreme Court Certified Death Penalty Defense
  • Former US Army Captain.

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Greg Davidson, Esq.

  • Has practiced law since 2012.
  • Continued education in legal science & DUI defense.
  • Head of PA Estate Law Group.

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Karen Kuebler, Esq.

  • Has practiced law since 1992.
  • Former Career Prosecutor & Legal Educator.
  • Former District Attorney.

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Together, our attorneys have well over 50 years of diverse experience handling criminal cases in Federal and State Courts. This breadth of hands-on experience is invaluable to our clients.

What Have our Attorneys Done?

Our lawyers have represented thousands of people charged with crimes in Pennsylvania and in Federal Court ranging from marijuana possession to capital murder. Since our lawyers regularly practice in almost every county in Pennsylvania, they have formed relationships with district attorneys, judges, and courthouse staff that aids us in properly preparing a client’s case.

We don’t just keep up on the law and science. We also take the time to learn how jurors and judges make decisions as well as how to present our cases to them. Merely knowing the law and the science is not enough. We know how to present the law and the science in an understandable way to judges and juries. We take complex issues and make them simple.

Skilled with Negotiating Plea Agreements

Not every case goes to trial. At Manchester and Associates we are very skilled at negotiating favorable plea agreements for our clients but we don’t get those outcomes because we ask “please.” Favorable outcomes come from being successful in court, prepared, establishing that we know not only the law and science involved in our cases, but we will go to trial.

We work with many different experts such as psychologists, psychiatrists, drug and alcohol counselors, anger management counselors, drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities to name a few. These experts not only help in negotiating favorable plea agreements for our clients, but they also help our clients deal with their non-legal issues that may have contributed to their being charged. This approach not only helps with our clients current difficulties, but also helps to keep them from having to deal with the criminal justice system in the future.

Why choose Manchester & Associates?

Because we know more than just the law. We have a proven track record of success in and out of the courtroom and we go beyond merely keeping you informed. We play to win.