Do I Need An Experienced Advisor?

With the minimal rights granted to a respondent in a Title IX case, and the immense pressure schools are under to close the cases quickly, parents and students who try to mitigate the processes on their own can be quickly overwhelmed. Even their best intentions may not be enough to avoid the immense consequences that come from loosing a case, and unfortunately, so do not realize this until it is too late.

It is always better to try to obtain a good result at the first hearing rather than appeal a case. Once a disciplinary panel has decided against the accused, that student or employee will have immediate sanctions placed on them, and may even be fired or expelled. This information will also be recorded on permanent record. The heavy stigma following an unsuccessful case is just one more mountain to climb on the way to an appeal. Securing an attorney from the moment allegations are released is the best course of action for a favorable result.

One of the few favorable rights granted to a respondent is that (at nearly every college and University) the advisor they choose can be anyone. An experience attorney will have their best interests at stake and will achieve better results. The odds are not in the favor of the student if they try to do it alone. Title IX cases are expected to be closed within 60 days. There is little time for error.

An experienced attorney can do so much more for an accused person when they are sought as early as possible. The benefits include:

  • Providing guidance to the accused that is objective. A school appointed advisor might not have your best interests in mind.
  • Make educated and experienced decisions to properly defend against the charges.
  • Make sure the accused is properly prepared for the stressful interviews and hearings that they will go through.
  • Know if a school is violating a respondent’s rights or not following the proper Title IX processes. They can warn schools to follow the rules or risk a lawsuit.
  • They can negotiate, give legal support, and even advocate with the school’s attorneys in order to acheive a better resolution from behind the scenes.
  • Help navigate every stage of the disciplinary process.

Manchester & Associates has both the experience and success in the Title IX processes. Our representation can mean the difference between success and failure.