August 3, 2018By Brian Manchester

“In May 2017 I rushed my son to the hospital unknowing the horrible disaster that would come of this Emergency room trip where I took my 8 months old to be seen. All day I wore my firearm on my side like mostly every day I do being a young mom in a town that’s going downhill by criminals that rob and do senseless acts. After I realized the uncomfort of the check-in Nurse I decided to call my son’s father to come to sit with me and son I while I take my gun to my car. I come back in and a woman made a false report because she heard PART of my sentence spoken between me and my son’s father. And police showed up in response to a call of an active shooter. My gun never left my holster, and the report was misleading and I was unarmed when I supposedly made a threat. I was arrested and my son was left behind at the hospital. No legal guardian, no emergency contacts were contacted by hospital staff and I was sitting in jail, confused and missing my kids badly. I was bailed out, thankfully. I went to my sisters where she got on Google and found Brian Manchester. I begged, borrowed and pleaded for money to hire Mr. Manchester which I’m still paying back the man that lent the money to me. No complaints though had my jury trial on Tuesday, May 22nd and during that trial, I witnessed Brian Manchester do a closing statement that showed the jury the truth, and he was very compassionate during the whole trial. He was determined to get the truth out and he did. I’m sitting at home watching my 3-year-old daughter and my now 1 and a half-year-old son sleep and I owe it all to Brian Manchester. Smartest move I made was hiring him. He don’t give up, he knows a lot about the law and our rights. Anyone ever tells you to get a “bulldog attorney” then call Brian Manchester. When he fights for you he really fights for you. I’ll always suggest him to anyone. 5 stats for sure. You don’t understand how long that year and one week was. Now I get to watch my children grow up with me in their lives and see my daughter go to her first day of head start in Sept. Be here for my sons second birthday in Sept, and breath fresh air. I felt scared in the beginning and trapped because one woman made up a false report that could of ruined my life. But with Brian as my attorney I got my life back, My kids got their mommy, and I still got tears of joy knowing that I made the right choice when hiring the best attorney I could have. If you see this brian, bless you! Bless your parents for raising you and bless the college that taught you. You’re an excellent attorney. Be proud. I’m proud of your accomplishments. Without you, my kids would be without a mom and I’d not be breathing fresh air during the day and watching my kids sleep peacefully at night. Thank you! As for anyone going through what I did, please know your rights and please hire Brian Manchester. Don’t plead guilty because they offer a “good deal” and make you feel like there’s no out. Talk to Brian before you do anything.”

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About the Author

Brian Manchester is the owner of Manchester and Associates in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. His law firm practices DUI and Criminal Defense exclusively throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania in both state and federal court. He has a team of two other lawyers with a combined 50 years of trial and courtroom experience are also trained in science and many other skills that are relevant to criminal defense to include the psychology of persuasion as well. One of his associates is a former District Attorney (chief prosecutor) in central Pennsylvania.   Mr. Manchester and his team routinely handle serious felony cases including murder, manslaughter, sex crimes, complex financial crimes, and serious assaults. A large part of Mr. Manchester’s practice is the defense of alcohol and drug-based DUI offenses as well as drug cases using science and analytical chemistry. Mr. Manchester has training as a Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Instructor. He is one of a handful of Certified Lawyer-Scientists as recognized by the American Chemical Society in the United States. He is a member of NCDD and is a Founding Member of DUIDLA. He is also a member of the American Chemical Society with over 170,000 members across the world. To date, he is the only practicing criminal defense lawyer to belong to the Society of Forensic Toxicologist where he is an Associate Member. Mr. Manchester speaks nationally on the topic of blood and drug testing for alcohol as well as the metrological (measurement uncertainty) in forensic testing.

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Client Testimonials

  • “Mr. Manchester is the lawyer I would hire if accused of DWI. He is concerned for his clients and aggressively defends their cases. He has completed the most rigorous training to be one of the best DWI lawyers in the State. His determination and knowledge will serve you well when he is your attorney.”
  • “I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Manchester is well versed with the evidential pitfalls of hospital blood testing. With this knowledge, he has been able to effectively represent those accused of alcohol related offenses. Recently, Mr. Manchester has provided me with assistance on a complex blood analysis case.”
  • “I am both surprised and proud to be one of the first lawyers to highly recommend Brian as a criminal defense and DUI lawyer. Brian’s knowledge of criminal defense, and especially in the area of DUI, is unmatched. Not only does Brian possess a great working knowledge of the law, he has also dedicated himself to the underlying science necessary to successfully defend DUI and criminal cases involving blood test results. Brian is committed to excellence and receives my recommendation without reservation to those looking for a knowledgeable and committed criminal defense or DUI attorney.”
  • “Attorney Manchester is well-known for his strong work ethic. He is the type of attorney that you would like to have involved in your case. Known as a person who stands up for principle, Attorney Manchester has the guts that is needed (but sadly is missing in a lot of criminal defense attorneys) to defend the citizen accused. He is certainly not afraid to defend people who have been accused by the government of being in violation of the law. His favorite two words seems to be “Prove it!””
  • “Brian Manchester is a knowledgeable, dedicated attorney, with the skill and ability to successfully defend citizens who are accused of driving under the influence. I highly recommend Brian.”

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