Student Crimes

November 12, 2018By Brian Manchester

Every parent wants their child to reach their full potential. However, your child’s future can be seriously compromised if he or she is accused of committing a crime, or accused of violating a high school, college, or university’s Code of Conduct. Depending on the type of allegation, your child may be required to attend a student disciplinary hearing and could potentially be criminally prosecuted. Irrespective of whether the allegations are mere violations of school policy or involve breaking state or federal law, your child needs aggressive legal representation to preserve and defend their future if charged with student crimes. Common Student Crimes Student disciplinary hearings can stem from behavior either on or off campus. The hearing may be instigated in one of several ways, for...

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Drug use in College | How it can Affect One’s Life

November 12, 2018By Brian Manchester

Statistics show that drug use in college is very common, with over 50% of college students having tried marijuana, over 30% have abused Adderall and 10% have used Ecstasy or Molly. However, few college students understand the consequences of their actions. The punishments associated with drug use will have a lasting effect on a student's life. Fines and/or jail time If you are a student convicted of drug possession in Pennsylvania, you will have to spend a lot of money on fines, and possibly spend some time in jail. It’s true that marijuana laws have become more relaxed as of late, but it’s still possible to be sentenced to 30 days in jail and fined up to $500 for possession of marijuana, even with a small amount. Medical marijuana patients will be considered exempt, but anyon...

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Common Examples of Title IX (Nine) Sexual Misconduct

August 9, 2018By Brian Manchester

The Office for Civil Rights has described specific forms of sexual misconduct that is prohibited under Title IX. In order to provide you with more information about Title IX, we have outlined the most common examples below. Rape/Sexual Assault This is the clearest and most commonly thought of form of sexual violence. Intercourse, and any other sexual act, requires consent. Without consent, a student could be accused of rape or sexual assault. Drugs and alcohol, which are extremely common at college, can easily muddy the waters on consent: According to the Office of Civil Rights, a student may be deemed incapable of giving consent because they were intoxicated. This means that even if you have intercourse with someone who seemed to be consenting at the time, it is possible for tha...

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Title IX Sexual Assault Investigations

July 19, 2018By Brian Manchester

Title IX: A Major Issue For Universities One of the biggest issues affecting universities lately are accusations of sexual assault under Title IX (Nine). Title Nine is a federal civil rights law, and universities will lose their federal funding unless they follow certain Title Nine procedures that seek to prevent sexual harassment and other forms of sexual misconduct on college campuses. Given university funding is on the line, universities are quick to conduct a full investigation even when there is little to no evidence that Title Nine sexual misconduct actually occurred. Low Burden Of Proof In addition, the burden of proof for a Title Nine violation is far lower than the "guilty beyond a reasonable doubt" standard seen in criminal trials. Rather, if the disciplinary board determines ...

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Can I lose my Federal Student Aid for just a marijuana possession charge?

August 8, 2017By Brian Manchester

The short answer YES. If you are convicted of a drug charge you may become ineligible for student aid. In some cases this ineligibility could be for life. Any federal or state conviction from simple possession to possession with intent to deliver can disqualify you from receiving federal student aid grants and loans. The way the government calculates these disqualifications is dependent on whether or not you were receiving aid at the time of the charges, however there needs to be a valid conviction before your aid can be affected. How this works. If you are on summer break and not taking any classes thus not currently receiving any aid and are charged in Pennsylvania for Small Amount of Marijuana. Even if you are convicted sometime later during the fall semester this should not af...

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