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The Law firm of Manchester & Associates is experienced in Pennsylvania Criminal Law and handles all types of PA criminal felonies.  A felony in Pennsylvania is a serious criminal offense generally punishable by  imprisonment for more than one year or death, and/or substantial fines.

What are the consequences if you are found guilty of a criminal felony in PA?

A felony in PA is a serious criminal offense.  A Pennsylvania felony is the most severe criminal charge which carries the maximum punishment allowed by law.  The most severe felonies can be punishable by capital punishment (death), and fines can reach as high as $25,000.00.

If found guilty of a criminal felony in PA will I go to jail?

Yes. A felony in Pennsylvania is punishable by serving time in a State Correctional Institute or a Federal Penitentiary, depending on the offense.

What crimes are considered a felony in Pennsylvania?

Some of the most common Pennsylvania felony crimes are: Aggravated Assault, Voluntary Manslaughter, Murder, Arson, Burglary, Kidnapping, Rape, Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse, Forgery, and Insurance, Fraud.

If I am charged with a PA criminal felony offense, can the charge be dropped?

Only if you are found not guilty by the court or the charges are dismissed by the District Attorney.

Can someone other than a law enforcement officer charge me with a felony in Pennsylvania?

In some cases such as rape, a party can bring charges against another through the District Attorney’s office or by reporting the crime to a law enforcement officer.  Someone witnessing an illegal act must report it to a law enforcement agency or officer who will then bring charges themselves.

What rights will I lose if I am convicted of a felony in Pennsylvania?

The most common rights you could lose would be the right to vote, the right to own a firearm, and the right to a U.S. Passport Other rights could be lost depending on the charge or circumstance involved.

Will I lose these rights permanently?


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