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  • “Mr. Manchester is the lawyer I would hire if accused of DWI. He is concerned for his clients and aggressively defends their cases. He has completed the most rigorous training to be one of the best DWI lawyers in the State. His determination and knowledge will serve you well when he is your attorney.”
  • “I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Manchester is well versed with the evidential pitfalls of hospital blood testing. With this knowledge, he has been able to effectively represent those accused of alcohol related offenses. Recently, Mr. Manchester has provided me with assistance on a complex blood analysis case.”
  • “I am both surprised and proud to be one of the first lawyers to highly recommend Brian as a criminal defense and DUI lawyer. Brian’s knowledge of criminal defense, and especially in the area of DUI, is unmatched. Not only does Brian possess a great working knowledge of the law, he has also dedicated himself to the underlying science necessary to successfully defend DUI and criminal cases involving blood test results. Brian is committed to excellence and receives my recommendation without reservation to those looking for a knowledgeable and committed criminal defense or DUI attorney.”
  • “Attorney Manchester is well-known for his strong work ethic. He is the type of attorney that you would like to have involved in your case. Known as a person who stands up for principle, Attorney Manchester has the guts that is needed (but sadly is missing in a lot of criminal defense attorneys) to defend the citizen accused. He is certainly not afraid to defend people who have been accused by the government of being in violation of the law. His favorite two words seems to be “Prove it!””
  • “Brian Manchester is a knowledgeable, dedicated attorney, with the skill and ability to successfully defend citizens who are accused of driving under the influence. I highly recommend Brian.”

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The Law firm of Manchester & Associates is located in Bellefonte, PA in Central Pennsylvania. Our centralized location allows us to handle criminal defense cases cases throughout the State of Pennsylvania. At Manchester and Associates we understand that when people find themselves accused or charged with a crime, they have numerous questions about the PA judicial system. We also understand that people can feel stressed or anxious and even depressed when criminal legal situations occur.

Our knowledge of the Pennsylvania Criminal Law and real world experience earned from representing thousands of people charged with criminal offenses, will help reduce any anxiety, stress and depression you may experience. We will answer your initial questions immediately and continue to keep you informed as the case progresses. Manchester and Associates will vigorously defend you.

Concentrating on Criminal Defense at Local, State and Federal levels (814)355-5421 .

The Law firm of Manchester & Associates is located in Bellefonte, PA in Central Pennsylvania. Our centralized location allows us to handle criminal defense cases cases throughout the State of Pennsylvania. The Law Office of R. Bruce Manchester & Associates handles a wide variety of criminal law issues including:

Drug Offenses – Internet Pornography – Murder – Embezzlement – Rape – Vehicular Homicide – Theft – Dui Defense – Sex Offenses – Traffic Citations – Voluntary Manslaughter – Forgery – Insurance Fraud – Arson – Burglary – Aggravated Assault .

Our Lawyers Are Available 24/7

At Manchester and Associates, we believe in personal relationships and personal contact with our clients. Our clients will never have to deal with an answering service. Once your case comes across their desk, our lawyers will make a personal phone call to you to talk about your needs. After your FREE initial consultation they will always be available to you by their own phones day or night. The lawyers and staff at Manchester and Associates are always available to you 24/7. We understand that being charged with a crime does not just happen between the hours of 9 to 5 and that a lot of arrests occur when its dark out, and on the weekends, that is why our office phones are always forwarded to our lawyers cell phones and are answered by them personally.

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