How a DUI in Pennsylvania Can Jeopardize Your Doctor’s License

September 26, 2018By Brian Manchester

Don't Make the Common Mistake in Thinking a DUI Will Not Affect Your License If you are a doctor that has been charged with DUI, you should not make the common mistake of believing the DUI will not affect your medical license simply because it relates to conduct outside of the medical practice. Not only is the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine aggressive in disciplining doctors with DUI convictions, it is likely your employment contract also prohibits such alcohol related convictions. You have to be proactive in dealing with and defending the DUI charges filed against you. You Have 30 Days to Notify the PA State Board of Medicine Not only are there important dates that you have to be aware of regarding the criminal charges, there are also important timelines that you must follow...

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How a Pennsylvania DUI Can Affect your Teaching Career

September 18, 2018By Brian Manchester

A DUI can be particularly detrimental to a teacher’s career if not handled properly. The Pennsylvania School Code Section 111 requires teachers, principals, school nurses, coaches, cafeteria staff, janitors, and virtually any other employee of a school to disclose the DUI conviction to the school. This amendment became effective on September 28, 2011. With all school employment applications, Subsection (b) of Section 111 of the Pennsylvania School Code requires a criminal history report to be obtained from the Pennsylvania State Police. Subsection (c) additionally requires the prospective teacher or school employee to submit fingerprints which will be sent to the F.B.I. Subsection (f)(1)(3) asks specifically for convictions related to DUI to be provided.  This subsection requires ...

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How a Pennsylvania DUI Can Affect Your Pilot’s License

September 17, 2018By Brian Manchester

 A DUI Can End a Pilot's Career if not Handled Properly A DUI conviction can be detrimental to a pilot’s career if not handled properly. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) takes DUI offenses very seriously, and pilots are required to notify the FAA within sixty (60) days of each DUI related event. Specifically, under 14 CFR 61.15, all pilots must notify the Security and Investigative Division of the FAA by way of notification letter when the pilot has their driver’s license suspended, and a separate letter must be sent if the pilot is convicted of the DUI. Because alcohol related convictions will appear on your driving record, which you must release to the FAA for a pilot’s license or renewal of medical aviation certification, it is important resist the urge to try and hi...

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Underage DUI

September 13, 2018By Brian Manchester

Two Crimes  For The Price Of One If you are under the age of 21 and consumed alcohol before driving, you knew you were in trouble the moment you got pulled over and may face underage DUI charges. Driving under the influence is illegal in Pennsylvania, but so is underage drinking. What happens when you are accused of both? Underage DUIs The first thing you need to know is that any driver under the age of 21 who is arrested for DUI in Pennsylvania is automatically charged under Pennsylvania's high BC tier. Even if this is your very first offense and even if you only had a minimal amount of alcohol in your system, your punishment is going to be severe. The minimum penalties at the High Impairment tier include at least two days (and up to 6 months) in jail, a fine of anywhere between $5...

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Medical Professionals Affected By A Pennsylvania DUI

September 13, 2018By Brian Manchester

DUI convictions can have serious ramifications for licensed medical professionals. Here is an overview of what you may face if you're a doctor, dentist, nurse, or EMT and you've been convicted. Doctors A doctor convicted of a DUI is subject to a hearing before the State Medical Board to evaluate his or her character and fitness to practice medicine. You may have to report any criminal charge, regardless of whether a conviction actually took place, or you may simply lose your ability to practice medicine. A DUI conviction can also impact your ability to obtain malpractice insurance, or cause your insurance rates to increase dramatically. Dentists If you are a dentist convicted of a DUI, you are required to report the conviction on your license renewal application. If you are a first-...

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DUI & Professional Licenses

September 12, 2018By Brian Manchester

Many people make the mistake of assuming a DUI is irrelevant to their professional licences. This idea couldn't be further from the truth! The reality is a DUI conviction can cause long-term, unexpected problems with your career and reputation. Some licenses may be revoked or suspended as a result of your DUI conviction. In some professions, future license applicants may be rendered ineligible due to a DUI. In many cases, the professional license holder is required to report the conviction to their respect board or employer right away. As such, it is essential to seek legal counsel immediately after the arrest. Here are just small samplings of the licensed professionals affected by a Pennsylvania DUI: Lawyers A DUI conviction must be reported to the Disciplinary Board of the Suprem...

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4 Questions You Must Ask Your DUI Attorney

September 12, 2018By Brian Manchester

Hiring a DUI attorney is never an easy decision.  You've probably seen numerous advertisements from attorneys today alone or at least throughout the week. If you're reading this blog, you're on the Internet, where you can find countless attorneys that practice in the same areas. Once you've narrowed your search down, you're probably wondering "Can this attorney help me and how?" Thus, we've made a list of the top 4 questions you should ask an attorney you're looking to hire for DUI charges and added some bonus ones at the bottom. 1. How many DUI-related trials have you had in the last year? This is a pretty easy one. If your lawyer is not actively trying cases, they are not going to get the best deal for you or be able to handle a complex trial as well as attorneys who are actively t...

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What do I do if I was charged with DUI?

September 11, 2018By Brian Manchester

What You Should Do After Being Charged with DUI After you have been pulled over and charged with DUI, it is more than likely that several questions and concerns are going through your head. At Manchester & Associates, we commonly get the following questions: Am I going to lose my license? What do I do now? Do I tell my insurance company? Am I going to jail? Thus, we thought it would be helpful to post this list outlining the first things you should do after being accused of DUI. First - Lock Down Social Media First, make sure that all of your social media profiles (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) are set to Private mode. Once on Private mode, do not accept any friend or follow requests from people you do not know. One of the most common ways for law enforc...

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Marijuana DUI: The Modified Romberg Balance Test

August 15, 2018By Brian Manchester

If you asked Dr. Moritz Heinrich Romberg him what his legacy would be while he was on his death bed in 1873, we doubt he would say field sobriety testing for drug and marijuana DUIs. Nevertheless, (former) neurologist Dr. Romberg is now the namesake standardized field sobriety test used to detect the presence of drugs: the “Modified Romberg Balance Test.” You're Nervous and Sober? To the Police, You're High on Drugs The Modified Romberg Balance Test begins with the officer instructing the subject to tilt his or her head back slightly, close his or her eyes, and estimate 30 seconds. When he or she believes 30 seconds has gone by, the subject is supposed to tilt his or her head forward, open his or her eyes, and say “stop.” The goal of the Modified Romberg Balance Test is to che...

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ARD – Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition

August 7, 2018By Brian Manchester

What Does ARD Mean? ARD stands for "Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition". If you have been charged with a first offense Pennsylvania DUI, you may be eligible for Pennsylvania's ARD program. If so, and you complete the program, you will have resolved your first offense DUI without a criminal record. ARD was adopted to emphasize rehabilitation as opposed to incarceration. Although each county may differ on certain eligibility rules, the general rules are you cannot partake in ARD if You have been convicted of a DUI in Pennsylvania in the last ten years. If you were involved in a crash that caused serious injury or death. Or if you had a child under the age of 14 in your car at the time of your arrest. A Small Price To Pay To Dismiss a DUI Charge If you're accepted for A...

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