Alcohol Related Violations

Students commonly commit alcohol related offenses on college campus. Though this violation is common, it still can mar a student’s record and it can occur on or off campus. The following are some examples of alcohol related violations:

  • Any possession, use, distribution or manufacture of alcoholic beverages on campus
  • Possession can include directly in hand, or the area within the student’s control, such as a vehicle or dorm room.
  • Any on or off campus display of public intoxication
  • Underage offenses including drinking, possession and attempt to buy or sell
  • Using alcohol to the extreme. Excessive use occurs when medical intervention is needed or students are: unable to function, unconscious, incoherent, disoriented, or have lost bodily function.
  • Any attempt, successful or not, of selling alcohol without a license
  • Organizing or hosting a party on campus or nearby grounds where alcohol is present
  • DUI, or driving while intoxicated. If 21 or older, the legal limit is .08 or more. If under 21, the limit is .02 or more.
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