Academic Misconduct

Any attempt made by a student to obtain an academic credit or otherwise influence the grading process in a way that is not authorized by the instructor is at risk of academic misconduct charges. The following are a few examples and situations where this could occur:

  • Giving or receiving assistance in course work, lab work, exams or quizzes that is unauthorized
  • Using any unauthorized materials (including devices) during exams or quizzes
  • Plagiarism, the unlawful copying of another person’s work and presenting it as your own. This includes presenting anything done by someone else to fulfill your course requirements.
  • Presenting false or made up data
  • Any unauthorized access of another person’s computer, programs or grading system
  • Accessing exams or quizzes from previous students, or having someone else possess them for you
  • Changing or adding information and answers to any work after it has been submitted for grading
  • Having someone else complete any work or exams that are registered you (or anyone else) and vice versa
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