Abuse of Student Conduct Process

Whether involved in school disciplinary proceedings as an accused student or a witness, once the investigation starts, students can be subject to additional charges depending on their actions. Any of the following abuses of the student conduct process could place a person in greater trouble:

  • Ignoring or failing to obey the notice to appear at a disciplinary hearing, whether the student is the accused or they have been called as a witness
  • Falsifying, distorting, or otherwise misrepresenting information in front of hearing authorities, at briefings, or at any other student conduct meeting
  • Disrupting or interfering with a hearing
  • Falsely submitting a student conduct incident report
  • Persuading, or attempting to persuade a student from participating or using the student conduct system
  • Any attempt to influence a board member at any point during an investigation
  • Intimidating or harassing anyone involved, including witnesses and board members.
  • Any form of retaliation against the other party or witnesses
  • Failing to follow any sanctions imposed by the school administration
  • Fulfilling another student’s assigned sanction requirements
  • Any attempt to falsify or gain unauthorized assistance to fulfill assigned student conduct sanction requirements.
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