What Makes You Unique In Handling Sex Crime Cases?

For one, we’re strictly criminal, so we have the time to do the research and keep up on the laws and the science in this area of criminal law. Furthermore, this law firm only handles criminal law related matters. We also focus concentrate our time learning and perfecting our skills in areas of law and science other lawyers don’t such as blood and drug testing, DNA testing, scientific issues that come up in sexual assault cases and much more. We also take the time to study and learn the psychology of decision-making. This is crucial to know because if you can’t take information and present it to judges and juries in ways they understand it then all of this knowledge is meaningless.

So, it’s not just knowing the law, it’s not just knowing the science, it’s knowing how to present it in a way that can be understood and accepted in the conscience and subconscious mind of a judge or jury that is just as important as the law and science involved in these cases.

Can You Mention A Few Success Stories From The Sex Crime Cases That You Have Handled?

Success is not just winning a trial. Not all cases should be tried. Winning includes getting lesser punishment for cases guilt is easily proven. I had a gentleman who molested his grandson. He confessed and he confessed to multiple instances of rape. In that case I used a scientific based testing regiment that my expert and I designed to show that this gentleman was not a sexual predator and he could be rehabbed. That led to a sentence of 4-8 years instead of tens of years in state prison and at his age would have been a practical life sentence.

Have You Developed a Method to Lessen Possible Sentences in Pennsylvania or Federal Sex Crime Cases?

Absolutely. I have the privilege of working with a very good forensic psychologist. We developed a multiple test and interview system where all of the tests given are based on peer reviewed science. This test is very thorough and redundant so the conclusions are very accurate and based on proven science. My firm has used it often to get favorable plea agreements and sentences for people convicted of sex crimes in Pennsylvania.

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