What Are The Consequences of Being Charged With a Sex Crime?

The long-term effects other than jail, supervision, and fines are you’re considered a sex offender. It’s a scar that is visible the rest of your life. People would rather deal with thieves and even alcoholics than they would someone convicted of a sex crime. It’s harder to get a job and a place to live.

If you’re convicted of molesting a child, you can’t be around children under 18. If you have kids you may not be allowed to be around them. Although someone who is a registered sex offender here in Pennsylvania can live wherever they want, it’s up to the parole board to agree whether or not they can live there, so you just can’t live anywhere you want. It’s very restrictive during your parole.

Can You Explain What Sex Offender Registrants Is?

You have to say where you’re working. You have to register your phone number and your email address. You also have to register your car, and you have to do that several times a year if you are a sexually violent predator. You may have to do these things as often as every 90 days, and then you’re also on the website of sex offenders. About 95 percent of all sex offense crimes now are register-able.

Are Juveniles Required to Register if They’re Convicted of a Crime?

Yes. It used to be that if a juvenile committed a sex crime, they could potentially watch you for life whereas an adult, no. Sometimes you can be heavily committed for life, it’s nasty. We’ve handled several juvenile sex offense crime cases.

Can I Ever Be Removed from the Registry Once My Name is On the List?

Once the period of time that’s registered. When you’re done with your supervision, with your registration period, yes.

Can A Conviction be Expunged from the Record in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, practically no! If you have any conviction, even a small amount of marijuana, you can’t get it expunged. You have to be 70 years old and have behaved since you were 60 years old to get a crime expunged off your record.

Can Someone Represent Themselves or Opt for a Public Defender in Sex Crime Cases?

Never represent yourself. There are some good public defenders, there are some bad, just like there are good private attorneys and there are bad private attorneys. You want somebody who knows what they’re doing. And at our firm, unlike a public defender’s firm, we only take those we have time to work with. A public defender has to take everybody that’s eligible, so we have more time than they do.

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