How Long Have You Been Handling Sex Crimes?

I have personally been handling sex crimes for 15 years. My father who works for me has been doing it for 35 years and I have another associates who have been doing it from 10, so it’s 60 years’ combined experience of defending sex cases across the state of Pennsylvania including trying sex cases and winning.

What Actually is Considered a Sex Crime?

Anything regarding sexual intercourse, attempted sexual intercourse, touching of intimate body parts, also lumped into there is child pornography and related crimes against children.

What Are the Major Sex Crime Cases that You Handle?

Rape, sexual assault, child molestation and child pornography and indecent assault.

Which Sex Crimes Are Felony Level and Which Are Misdemeanors?

Rape, child sexual assault, everything but indecent assault are felonies. Indecent assaults are misdemeanors.

What Are the Most Common Cases that Your Firm Handles?

Child pornography, rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, indecent assault and sexual assault, we get them all.

Can You Tell Me What is Megan’s Law?

Megan’s Law, has actually been updated and it’s called SORNA. It requires that if you’re charged with or convicted of certain types of sex offenses, you have to register as a sex offender and get evaluated to see if you’re a sexually violent predator and the registration goes anywhere from 10 years to lifetime.

Who is Actually Considered a Sexual Offender Under this Law?

If you’re convicted of the charge, you’re considered a sexual offender.

Is There Any Difference Between SORNA and Being Considered “Sexually Violent Predator” Under Pennsylvania Law?

Yes. What happens after you’re convicted of a sex related crime that requires registration is that the Pennsylvania sex offender board conducts an investigation to see if you fit certain criteria to be a sexually violent predator which is more based on legislation than actual science. If they determine you as being a sexually violent predator, you have to register longer and update your address more often and other different registration requirements more often than what if you’re just a regular registrant. Also, if you violate the registration requirements, you get a higher charge with harsher penalties if you’re a sexually violent predator versus a standard registrant.

What Sort of Typical Clients Do You Get in Sex Crime Cases?

Seventy percent male, 30 percent female. We handle more sex cases involving female defendants than the typical law firm does. There isn’t a typical person. It’s not like you can look at somebody and say, “That’s person is a sex offender”. The alleged sex offender could be a person in a 3-piece suit, CEO of a major corporation, police officers, doctors, teachers, there is no standard case. Some of the cases are where people have a predilection towards young children, some of them just get in situations where they make bad moves. Some cases are pure lies and a person did nothing wrong. We handle a lot of cases across the state. We’ve are successful in court, especially with he-said she-said college rape cases.

What is the Typical Mental State of a Person Charged with a Sex Crime?

They’re extremely upset and worried. These types of charges, some of them have 10-year mandatory minimum, the maximum of 20 years and generally they’re charged with multiple charges. I represented a gentleman who was accused of 2,700 felony counts of molesting his two step-daughters facing a potential 10,000 to 20,000 years. These charges can result in several lifetimes in jail.

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