Is Self-Representation Ever Advisable In Assault Cases?

For charges like this, we always recommend having an attorney because we understand the system. A lot of times, people involved in these things are people who have not been involved in the system before. They do not know what to expect. They do not know the exact law that is involved here and the elements involved in each law. You are given the constitutional right to have an attorney and the constitutional right to remain quiet. We highly recommend you exercise both of those. Just because you have an attorney, it does not mean you are showing people that you are guilty. It means you are exercising your right to protect yourself. That is only in your best interest to have an attorney involved, because they understand the law, the punishments, issues, and defenses that can come out of these particular charges.

Long Term Consequences Of An Assault Conviction

For simple assault depending on the situation, you end up with a minor simple assault like the bar fights. You are typically going to end up with probation on those, but it is a permanent record. Every employer that does background checks is going to see that. The more serious simple assault charges, possibly more jail time involved. Those are much longer lasting consequences for employment purposes, because they are going to see your criminal record on those. Aggravated assaults have huge impacts, because they are felonies which take away a lot of your rights, including some of these offenses that are two-year limits, so your gun rights are going to be taken away.

What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling Assault Cases?

For these types of offenses, we are always handling a case that has one of these offences under simple assault, reckless endangerment, or aggravated assault. Our firm, through our years of experience and training in these areas, know how these laws work with each other, and how to possibly move an aggravated assault down to a simple assault or even to a reckless endangerment of another person. Criminal law is always changing because of new statutes coming into effect, but it is also determined by the case laws in Pennsylvania. Different factors contribute to the different elements of each offense. Different case laws are coming into effect and determine was this serious bodily injury or not? Was there true intent here or not? You have to stay up to date on everything constantly

We do that here in our firm on the ever-changing law, and we have had favorable outcomes where individuals were able to show that there was not any serious bodily injuries, the intent was not there, they were not acting with reckless disregard to human life, and resulted in outcomes where the defendants were happy with the results whether the case being dismissed or getting the charge reduced.

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