Possible Consequences Of A Violation Of Bail Or Bond

If a violation of bail is found you can be put back into jail and also there is a possibility that some or all of your bail can be forfeited

Can A Relative Or A Friend That Helped Post Bail Get Into Trouble If Bail Is Violated?

A person who posts bail can’t be charged with a crime. However, the person posting the bond is responsible to make sure the person shows up and that they stay away from getting arrested again or contacting witnesses. If the defendant gets arrested again or fails to show up, the bond can be forfeited and then the person who posted the collateral will lose their collateral even though they did nothing wrong. If bail is revoked, the defendant goes to jail but they do not take money from the person who put up the bond. The person who put up the bond is called the Surety. So if you pay a bondsman and the bondsman has to pay money for the court, the bondsman will come after whoever posted the bond to get paid back.

Impact Of A Prior Criminal Record On A Bail Proceeding

A past criminal record always comes into play. That can be used by the magistrate setting the bail to determine how much the bail should be.

How it will affect your case is all fact dependent on your prior record and the case’s strengths, weaknesses, and what type of charges you are being charged with at the current time.

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