Communicating With A Lawyer In A Criminal Case

There are two big parts to communicate with an attorney. Always being truthful with the attorney, because the attorney needs to know everything. If you hold out things from an attorney, usually it will come out and it will come out at the wrong time and the attorney cannot do anything about it. Keeping in contact with the attorney is very important. Keep in contact as often as you need to. There is no set amount of times you need to speak to your lawyer.

Factors That Determine Whether A Criminal Case Is Trial Worthy

It depends on the facts of the case and the strengths and weaknesses of the government’s case and the strengths and weaknesses of your defense. There is no simple answer to that question. That is why every case has to be worked up properly.

Voluntarily Seeking Counseling To Mitigate A Criminal Charge

It can help. It is always best to be proactive. If you have a drinking or drug problem to deal with, do something proactive to start before the court process is done. If you have an anger problem, deal with that before the court process is done because that shows the district attorney and the judge that you are trying to put your life back on the right path. District attorneys and the courts are always worrying about people getting in trouble again in the future. They want people to address their problems. By doing so, that makes it easier for them to show leniency.

I always encourage my clients to do that when it is appropriate. I have dozens and dozens of people going to rehabs, in-patient or outpatient, and counseling for all kinds of issues. Counseling is always helpful, never hurtful. Sometimes you can get credit for jail time for the time you spent in an in-patient rehab center.

Should Cost Be A Factor When Retaining An Attorney To Defend A Criminal Case?

This is simple; you get what you pay for. Criminal defense is complex. So, if you want a good attorney who is trained, has the experience, has been doing it a long time, has a good reputation with the courts, knows what they are doing, knows how to try a case, has tried cases, then you are going to pay more than someone without that experience. Furthermore, experience, all by itself, does not matter. What is the experience they have? Do they actually try cases? Do they just sign people up and plead them guilty? Are they known as a trial lawyer or a guilty plea lawyer?

Trial lawyers tend to get more favorable offers than guilty plea lawyers. When it comes to guilty plea lawyers, the district attorney knows whatever offer they give, they are going to take whereas a trial attorney will fight them. For example, just recently, I went to a jury selection for a case where they dropped the main charge right before jury selection. They were not willing to do that during the whole time the case was on going. My associate recently listed a case for trial and the next week it was dismissed by the DA. Dismissals and better pleas happen when you say you are going to trial and the government knows you will.

Can Someone Switch Their Attorney If They Feel That The Attorney Is Not Right For Them?

If you have a private attorney, you can switch if you feel the first attorney is not defending you properly. If you have a public defender and want to hire a private attorney that can be done as well.

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