Benefits Of Retaining A Bail Bondsman

The benefit of a bail bondsman is they will get you out right away. A bondsman will generally go directly to the jail to get the person out. For high monetary bail, say in the $50,000 plus range, most people do not have $50,000 or even $25,000 or more in cash sitting around to get a person out. So a bondsman is the less expensive and much faster way to get out. If you want to do property bail, that can take weeks because you have to do a lien search on the property being posted, and then that has to be given to the court and then there has to be paperwork filled out. It is a very long process. A bail bondsman will get you out right away, plus it is more affordable to pay a bondsman on the high bonds than it is to come up with the cash.

Do People Get Out The Day They Post The Bail?

Usually, bondsmen will get you out the same day they are hired. Good bail bondsmen will generally meet the person at the jail or at the courthouse to do the paperwork and they get the defendant out right away. Bondsmen are very good at getting people out right away. That is why I suggest people go through them instead of sitting in a jail until property is posted, which can take a long time. The longer you are in jail the more leverage a prosecutor has on you so getting out fast is usually best.

What Do The Bail Bondsmen Generally Require As Collateral?

Property is the best collateral that you can have for bonds because the bondsman knows that the houses are not going to get up and move. They can put liens on them to secure their interests. There is a lot more protection with property bail versus personal property. Some bail bondsmen I know will take firearms, gold coins, or other things of value, but they generally want property collateral. Some bail agents on the lower value bonds will not ask for any collateral to be put up if they believe someone is not a flight risk.

Finding A Good Bail Bondsman

The best way to find a good bondsman is to first contact a good lawyer. They can always steer people to bondsmen they trust and who they know are reasonably priced. At my law firm, we have relationships with bail agents across the state and we have been able to secure lower fees for our clients in those situations because of our longstanding relationship with them. There are a lot of bail bondsmen that advertise in the yellow pages and online, but some are better and more reputable than others. All the bail agents that work with us are top-notch bail bondsmen.

At The End Of My Case, If I Have Gone With A Bail Bondsman, Do I Get Any Of My Money Back?

No. The fee you pay a bondsman is no different than the fee you pay a lawyer. You are paying a bondsman a fee for him or her to take the risk of putting up their money to get you out of jail.

Can A Bail Bondsman Help Me If I Am From Another Country?

Yes. As long as the bail bondsman can secure the collateral, he will absolutely bail out people who are not citizens of United States. The only additional requirement is he will keep your passport.

If I Am Not From Pennsylvania, Can A Bail Bondsman Still Help Me?

Yes. A reputable bail bondsman will be working for a surety company that has agents throughout the country. So let us say someone from Michigan gets in trouble in Pennsylvania and the bail agent needs to secure collateral, the agent in Michigan can do the paperwork. Then they do what is called a Transfer Bond to the agent where you are being arrested. Therefore, you can secure your release by the local agent working with an agent in the state you are a resident of.

Do I Have To Be Related To Bail Somebody Out?

No. As long as you are an adult, over eighteen, and have assets, you can bail out anyone. You do not have to be related to the person to bail them out.

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