Huntingdon County Manslaughter Case Successfully Settled

Today in Huntingdon County we successfully resolved a two year old case. Our client was charged with Involuntary Homicide and Negligent Care of an Elderly Person. A conviction on the latter charge would have guaranteed a lengthy state prison sentence. These charges stem from the death of a woman who unexpectedly walked out in the middle of the night from the nursing home our client owned. From da... Read More

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Cameron County Second Offense DUI Dismissed

Our client was charged with a second offense DUI in Cameron County. Over the past two years Brian Manchester has exposed the blood test that is done for alcohol in that county does not conform to the law. The law requires that when a less than whole blood sample is tested (plasma or serum) the test results must be converted down to a whole blood equivalent. Brian Manchester exposed this problem i... Read More

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Bradford County DUI Appeal Victory

In 2013, a client of ours was charged with their 2nd DUI offense, with the prosecution claiming they had a BAC of .147. The problem, however, is that the blood test results were not reported correctly. Fortunately for our client, we were able to obtain the hospital's blood testing and sample preparation procedures from another case and were able to prove that the hospital had still been reporti... Read More

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DUI Defense Law Blog

Manchester & Associates – Aggressive Criminal Attorneys The criminal defense law firm of Manchester & Associates defends criminal cases throughout the State of Pennsylvania. At Manchester and Associates, we understand when people find themselves accused or charged with a crime, they have numerous questions about the PA judicial system. We also understand how people can feel stress... Read More

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