ROR Bail

February 20, 2019By Brian Manchester

[caption id="attachment_2865" align="alignright" width="300"] If a judge grants ROR bail, you are free to leave jail.[/caption] One of the most common types of bail is ROR Bail, or “released on own recognizance.” What Is ROR Bail? What it actually is, is a promise to appear at all future court proceedings, not requiring any form of cash or property collateral like other forms of bail. There are often conditions imposed by the court that you will read about soon. Can You Get ROR Bail? All charges except for homicide are eligible for bail. Whether or not you can get ROR bail from a court depends on a list of factors such as: The severity of the offense. Your history of prior offenses and whether you’ve made your past court hearings. If you are considered a flight r...

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What is Institutional Sexual Assault and its Punishments?

January 21, 2019By Brian Manchester

18 Pa.C.S.A. § 3124.2§ defines Institutional sexual assault. Institutional sexual assault specifically applies to sexual contact between two individuals who have a specific relationship. The law includes out many individuals who may be charged with this offense, including employees of the following: Department of Corrections or another correctional authority. Juvenile detention facilities run by the state or county Youth forestry camps, Youth development centers. Groups homes or other residential facilities that serve youth. Mental health facilities. Employees of any of these institutions may be charged with institutional sexual assault if they have sexual contact with a resident, patient, or inmate of the facility in which they work. Employees of these institution...

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Teen Sexting & Child Pornography Charges

December 27, 2018By Brian Manchester

Sexting is the sending of pornographic photos or videos through electronic forms of communication, such as text message or Snapchat. Some states have passed laws specifically to target the issue of teens sexting other teens. However, Pennsylvania has not done so. Therefore existing child pornography laws are applied to teen sexting cases. This means that harsh punishments meant for adults who possess or exchange child pornography, are applied to teens who send or receive nude photographs to and from other teens. 1 in 5 teens admits to sending or receiving nude photographs, meaning that they could face these harsh penalties. What Child Pornography Laws Cover Possessing a sexually explicit photo or video of a person under the age of 18. Distributing a sexually explicit photo or v...

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Distribution of Child Pornography | Case Study

December 27, 2018By Brian Manchester

Distribution of Child Pornography Child Pornography charges have tremendous consequences for those convicted in the State of Pennsylvania. In “Child Pornography Charges in Pennsylvania”, we discussed how these charges can effectively result in a ‘life sentence’. Now we will examine US v Scott, a child pornography case that shows how possession of child pornography can lead to distribution charges, and how those distribution charges can be fought against.                 US v Scott  Jason Scott pleaded guilty to one count of possessing child pornography and was sentenced to 108 months in prison and a lifetime term of supervised release. He appealed the district court’s calculation of his Sentencing Guidelines range as well as the length and conditions of his ...

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Child Pornography Charges in Pennsylvania

December 4, 2018By Brian Manchester

Photographing, filming and possessing child pornography are prohibited by Pennsylvania state law, as well as federal law. Pennsylvania prohibits the photographing, videotaping, depicting on a computer or filming of children under the age of 18 engaging in a sexual act or simulating such an act. Conviction for this offense constitutes a second degree felony and may carry a sentence of imprisonment for up to ten years. The dissemination of photographs, videotapes, computer depictions and films depicting children under the age of 18 engaging in a sexual act or the simulation of such an act is also prohibited under Pennsylvania statute. Those convicted for this offense will be punished for a felony of the third degree and will face up to five years' imprisonment. Possession of Child Pornog...

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Torrents and Child Pornography Charges in Pennsylvania

December 3, 2018By Brian Manchester

Torrents and child pornography charges often go hand-in-hand. Thus, it is important that you and your lawyer fully understand how torrents work if you are facing charges of downloading child pornography from torrents. How Torrents Work Since there's no single, central computer controlling the Internet and (in theory) every computer that's online is connected indirectly to every other one, it should be possible for any two computers to share information by communicating directly—and it is! This is called peer-to-peer (P2P) communication and it's used by some of the more popular instant messaging (IM) chat programs (as well as controversial file-sharing programs, which earned themselves a bad name when people started using them to share copyright music tracks illegally). BitTorrent is...

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Adderall Drug Charges

October 30, 2018By Brian Manchester

Adderall is a drug routinely prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Due to the fact that it is fairly inexpensive and easy to obtain, many individuals use the drug recreationally or outside of its intended medical purpose, which is especially common in colleges and universities, where students use the medication to study because it can improve stamina, increase concentration, and stave off fatigue. The consequences of using unprescribed Adderall are severe, which comes to the surprise to many people. Since Adderall has addictive qualities and carries a potential for abuse, the medication is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance, meaning that a person found in possession of Adderall without a valid prescription may face prosecution. In some...

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Drug Crimes In Pennsylvania and How We Know Defend Them the Right Way

October 18, 2018By Brian Manchester

Types of Drug Cases We Defend For 18 years I have been representing people accused of various drug crimes in Pennsylvania to include the following: Drug Possession/Possession of Controlled Substances (Actual Possession, Constructive Possession) Drug Production Drug Trafficking/Operating as a Drug Trafficker Marijuana Cultivation/Growing Marijuana Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Bongs, Pipes, Drug Equipment) Possession with Intent to Distribute/Deliver (PWID) Prescription Fraud Selling Drugs to Minors Synthetic Opioids (Alph-PVP, Bath salts, cathinones) Synthetic Marijuana (K2, Spice) Methamphetamine Manufacturing My firm has experience investigating alleged crimes involving many types of narcotics and controlled substances, ranging from commonly cha...

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How Criminal Convictions Affect Social Security Benefits

October 3, 2018By Brian Manchester

Can Felons Receive Social Security? Yes, But With Exceptions The general rule is that a person who is convicted of a felony can still receive Social Security benefits once they are released. However, like every rule, there are exceptions. A felony conviction will deem you ineligible to receive Social Security Disability Benefits if: Your disability was caused by your felonious act Your disability was made worse by your felonious act Your disability arose while you were imprisoned for committing a felony You were convicted of treason, sabotage, or a similar crime You Can't Receive Survivors' Benefits by Killing a Spouse or Parent In addition, if you became a widow or orphan by killing your spouse or parent, you are ineligible to receive Social Security survivors’ benefi...

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Pennsylvania is Fighting to Change Statute of Limitations Laws

October 2, 2018By Brian Manchester

Sex Crimes Statue of Limitations - You Only Have So Much Time To Report It The purpose of a statute of limitations is to ensure claims are brought within a certain time period. It does not matter how legitimate the charge is, or how clear the evidence is…if the statute of limitations has expired, the claim cannot be brought.  For example, Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations for trespass is 2 years. If you filmed your neighbor trespassing on your property, made a DVD of the video, but waited 2 years and 1 day to bring the claim, the claim will be barred by the statute of limitations even though you have caught your neighbor red-handed. The current issue in Pennsylvania right now pertains to sex crimes. Right now, the statute of limitations in Pennsylvania permits victims of ch...

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