An Introduction To Manchester & Associates

Manchester & Associates was started in 1978 by Attorney Robert Bruce Manchester, my father. Before I went to law school, I worked for him. I then went to law school where I completed three years of law school in two and one third years by taking extra classes and going year-round. I received my law license in April of 2000. As of April 2018, I have been a criminal defense lawyer for eighteen years. All I do is criminal defense in state and federal courts.

Types of Cases

My firm handles cases all across the state of Pennsylvania, and we I have been consulted  on cases out of state.

A lot of the work that we do in my law firm are high-end felony cases such as rape, child sexual assault, sexual assault and drug cases. A lot of drug cases we encounter involve synthetic drugs like Spice, K2, bath salts, and LSD.

We also regularly handle murder cases, vehicular homicides, vehicular homicides while DUI, aggravated assault, large financial crimes. One financial crime case involved an embezzlement of over $600,000.

Furthermore, we routinely handle a large number of DUIs, simple assaults, general theft crimes and drug possession crimes.

We concentrate on using science as well as the psychology of decision making in defending our cases, even the non-scientific based cases. We are constantly training, learning, and reading up on the psychology of decision making, which is really crucial for earning a sympathetic jury and favorable ruling.

What matters is the people you are trying to convince understand you. You have to present things in a way juries understand.

That is where they study of the psychology of decision making and psychology of influence comes into play. So not only are we learning the law, keeping up with the law, plus keeping up on the relevant science involved in different types of criminal cases, wee are constantly updating our knowledge. I myself go across the country multiple times a year and am a national speaker on defense topics.

Always Learning To Improve

That is what sets us apart. Just knowing the law and being in court for eighteen years is not enough; you have to have more than that. I constantly attend many courses in relevant forensic science such as testing cocaine, heroin, morphine, synthetic marijuana etc., plus a vast amount of scientific training in the DUI field. I have attended over a dozen courses on blood testing across the country. I have also taken a hands-on course on DNA taught by Dr. Greg Hampikian in Idaho. Doctor Hampikian is the geneticist that helped get Amanda Knox out of trouble in Italy. I actually got to test my own DNA in that course!

Another course I attended was taught by Terence McCarthy. He is known as one of the best cross-examiners in the world and I’ve gone under his wing for a three day practical course for cross-examination twice. We actually cross-examine people and he beats on us until we do it right.

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