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Cocaine-related offenses in Dauphin County, PA are no small matter. They can lead to jail time, fines and permanent criminal records that interfere with almost every aspect of your life. The key to fighting cocaine charges in Dauphin County, PA is knowing the law and choosing a qualified Dauphin County, PA drug crime criminal defense lawyer.

If you are facing cocaine charges in the Dauphin County, PA area, call Brian Manchester, an experienced cocaine defense lawyer in Dauphin County, PA. Call today. It is important to start working on your defense right away.

Cocaine Possession in Dauphin County, PA – Dauphin County, PA Criminal Lawyer

Cocaine is a powerful psychoactive stimulant derived from the coca leaves of South America. It is essentially the same as crack cocaine (also known as freebase), but in a different chemical form. It is considered a Schedule I controlled substance in Pennsylvania and is banned under all but extremely limited medical circumstances. Some doctors are allowed to use it as a topical anesthetic in eye, ear and throat surgeries under extreme restrictions, but in all other situations it is outlawed. Simple possession of a small amount of cocaine or crack — fewer than two grams — is a misdemeanor in Pennsylvania, punishable by as much as one year in jail for a first offense and three years for subsequent offenses. Multiple repeat offenders face mandatory jail time, but in many cases first-time offenders can walk away with probation. Cocaine possession is also prohibited by federal law, which can impose penalties including a maximum of one year for a first offense. Typically, however, enforcement of simple possession laws is left to the states.

Cocaine Purchase Dauphin County, PA – Dauphin County, PA Drug Crime Lawyer

You could face additional charges if you are caught buying cocaine in Dauphin County, PA. The intentional or knowing purchase of cocaine in Pennsylvania can be punished with as many as three years in prison. But only multiple repeat offenders are subject to mandatory minimum sentences, so probation is often a possible resolution. Generally speaking, prosecutors are more likely to seek simple possession charges, but should police stop you in the act (or alleged act) of buying cocaine, purchase charges are possible.

Cocaine Trafficking Dauphin County, PA – Criminal Defense Lawyer in Dauphin County, PA

Trafficking in cocaine — making it, selling it, distributing it or possessing it with intent to distribute it — is a major felony in Dauphin County, PA and throughout Pennsylvania with stiff penalties. These include a maximum of 10 years in prison plus a fine of $100,000 or however much more is necessary to drain the assets and profits of the cocaine trafficking operation. Mandatory sentences are applied in almost every case, so unless a defendant can bargain down to a lesser charge, jail time is assured. Since prosecutors can’t prove a defendant’s actual intent, possession with intent is inferred from the amount of the drug in the defendant’s possession. The heavier the weight, the stiffer the minimum sentence. Contact an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Dauphin County, PA to discuss your options.

Possession of between two and 10 grams of cocaine is considered the minimal amount for possession with intent and carries a minimum sentence of one year for a first offense and three years for subsequent offenses. Possession of between 10 an 100 grams comes with a minimum of three years for a first offense, five for subsequent offenses. More than 100 grams is punishable by at least four years for a first offense and at least seven for subsequent offenses. Federal anti-trafficking laws also apply and carry even stiffer penalties: mandatory minimums as steep as 20 years where drugs produced by a major trafficking operation cause a death.

If you or a loved one are in the Dauphin County, PA area and have been charged with a cocaine crime, call Brian Manchester, an experienced cocaine criminal defense lawyer in Dauphin County, PA. An aggressive Dauphin County, PA cocaine defense attorney, he can help you build the defense you need.

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